Max Muller, a lifelong masquerade

Max Muller, a lifelong masquerade: the inside story of a secular Christian missionary who masqueraded all his lifetime from behind the mask of literature and philology and mortgaged his pen, intellect, and scholarship to wreck Hinduism
…all the princes whether they belonged to the so-called Aryan raceor the so-called Dravidan race were Aryans. Whether a tribe or a family was racially Aryan or Dravidian was a question which never troubled the people of India, until foreign scholars came in and began to draw the line.

Worshiping of Baba againts the teaching of Hindusm

Shankaracharya of Dwarkapeeth’s comments regarding worshipping Sai Baba.

NEW DELHI: Supreme Court on Monday refused to intervene on controversial statement made by Shankaracharya of Dwarkapeeth Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati regarding worshipping Sai Baba.

Sai Baba devotees can file a civil suit or criminal case against Shankaracharya if their right to worship has been hampered, the apex court said.

Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati had ran down the followers of Shirdi Sai Baba, saying they ought not to worship the 19th century mystic who was no God, and remove his photographs and idols from temples where he gets the pride of place with Hindu deities.

The 90-year-old pontiff’s comments hurt a legion of Sai devotees. There were protests both against and in support of Shankaracharya’s observations.

What The Seer Said:

“Hinduism is governed by Shastra and Vedas and there is no mention of Sai Baba. He should not be worshipped with Hindu gods… Muslims don’t revere Sai Baba as much as Hindus do, who seem unaware of the ‘adharma’ they commit by worshipping him.”

“They may burn my effigy or even send me to jail, but my campaign to protect the sanctity of the Hindu religion will continue… Sai Baba was a Muslim faqir who cannot be compared to Hindu deities or worshipped like them.”
-yahoo groups

It is time Malaysia’s education system introduces this concept of studying religions. Even in the study of Islam, Muslims need to look at Islam not as a person of faith would but as a non-Muslim would. And they need to study all religions, not just Islam. And this study must be done based on an outsider’s or reductionist’s point of view.
-raja petra kamaruddin

not to turn any school into a slaughter house.

I would like to urge the education department and all other politicians to respect the sanctity of schools and not to turn any school into a slaughter house.
Saravanan (PETA Asia Pasific Network activist)
Muslims are about to celebrate their holy festival on 3rd or 4th October 2014. The festival comes from the story of Nabi Ibrahim and his son Ismael. Instead of sacrificing Ibrahim’s son, Allah instructed him to sacrifice a sheep according to the story. This particular festival will be celebrated as Eid Al-Adha.
Last year, my conversation with SK Puchong school’s headmaster heated up Malaysia with the cow slaughtering issue in the school. I would like to urge the education department and all other politicians to respect the sanctity of schools and not to turn any school into a slaughter house. The incident of Nabi Ibrahim happened on a particular day in an open area and did not take place in any school.
Many UMNO politicians and Netizens commented that this is a Muslim country that they will do what they like. Some said if you don’t like it, go back to India. Papagomo commented he should kill me and many other negative comments.
I would like to remind everyone that in our education syllabus, there is no special instruction to slaughter cows or any other animal in schools. It is not a religious issue but all parties should respect the school where we gain education. The law is equal to all citizens according to the Federal Constitution. Hindus cannot celebrate Thaipusam in National schools and Chinese cannot celebrate their ghost festivals in the school. So the Education department and school headmasters should not not create double standards.
I did some research after last year’s issue. Malaysian Muslims didn’t slaughter cows during school hours 15 years back since British colonization. I have collected information from Jordan, Morocco, Turkey, and Qatar, they never slaughter animals in the school during school hours. This shows Malaysia is practicing a different Islam than other Arabic countries.
Qurban festival was celebrated in mosques, suraus, residential halls and other places where it is convenient. We do not oppose that. But as a human rights and animal rights activist I will watch closely what will be your real intention to celebrate this festival by slaughtering cows during school hours.
The cow slaughtering act doesn’t align with the education syllabus or school co-curriculum in any part of the world.
Celebrating cow slaughtering in the school will make kids psychologically traumatized. Even if the teachers and students were asked not to “see” the slaughter, fine, but one can always “hear” the slaughter being carried out.
Any country’s parliament would never approve such an inhumane act of slaughtering animals in the schools. It is a great disgrace for the country. All schools should follow world educational guidelines which is approved by the UN. Definitely animal slaughter will not be part of the system. Malaysian parliament should come to a decision to respect non violence.
Cow slaughtering in schools can cause POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER. PTSD develops after a terrifying ordeal witnessing a harmful event that happened to animals or humans. War soldiers and victims have faced this syndrome or even people working in slaughter houses.

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