Poll Shows 72% Of Users Prefer Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Over Apple iPhone 6 Plus

“..A huge majority reportedly voted for the well-deserved Galaxy Note 4.”

Based on the votes accumulated at this point, the iPhone 6 Plus scored 1634 votes i.e. 27.14 percent, whereas the Note 4 garnered a whopping total of 4387 votes i.e. 72.85 percent. Additionally, voters sided with the Note 4 yet again with a solid 82.29 percent, when it comes to “display” preference.

In the case of “user interface,” Samsung’s cutting-edge configurations have paid off and hence it amassed 70.74 percent of votes. Speaking of camera, there is no stopping the Samsung device and here again, the Note 4 collected 76.86 percent, while the iPhone 6 Plus could only manage 23.14 percent of votes.


Proposal that only Malays not repay PTPTN loans

| November 24, 2014

Perkasa-led NGOs says students of other races should pay up in full so as not to anger Malay students.

PTPTNKUALA LUMPUR: The National Unity Memorandum, drafted by a coalition of 300 Malay rights groups led by Perkasa, wants Putrajaya to consider allowing only Malay students to be exempted from repaying their National Higher Education Fund (PTPTN) loans.

The Memorandum also wants the Federal Government to study the poorer academic performance of Malay students compared with their non-Malay counterparts.

Further, noting that many non-Malay students secured first class degrees, the Memorandum wants the authorities concerned to probe whether private institutions have more lenient marking systems, as part of a “hidden agenda”, to ensure that their students do well.

The fee exemption demand is ostensibly based on the first prong of Article 153 of the Federal Constitution and the observation that at present the majority of students exempted were Chinese and “this could anger the Malays while endangering national unity”.

“The Malaysian government must take immediate action over the phenomenon of many non-Malays being exempted 100 per cent from PTPTN, compared with Malay students,” reads the memorandum drafted by a committee headed by Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali.

“If this issue is not handled wisely, it could result in Malay students getting angry with PTPTN and upset with the Malaysian government.”

At the same time, he added, the issue could potentially create anger among Malay students towards non-Malay students.

The memorandum claimed that 8,818 Chinese and 456 Indian students were exempted from repaying the PTPTN loans in 2011, compared with 2,347 Malays.

The memorandum, which expressed surprise that the cream of the Malay students could not compete with non-Malay students, would be sent to the Federal Government, the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Council of Rulers.

The memorandum was debated at the National Unity Convention in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday and approved.

The first prong of Article 153 holds that the Orang Asal in Sabah and Sarawak, the Orang Asli in the peninsula and the Malays would have a special position by way of having a reasonable proportion of intake into the civil service, intake into government-owned institutions of higher learning and training opportunities, government scholarships, and opportunities to do business with the government reserved for them.

The second prong holds that the non-Malays have legitimate interests.


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  • Tan Boon Diam · Top Commenter

    What this coalition of NGOs really want is for their members to be GIVEN houses to stay in which are supplied with free electricity, water, ASTRO, SONY playstations and etc, for delicious FREE halal (of course) foods to be delivered to their houses, for someone to be there at beck and call to put that food into their mouths, and for the nectar of heaven to be piped into their mouths. The only hard work they will need to do, would be to chew and swallow.

    And then, for their children to be assigned to the best schools and universities for free but they don’t need to actually attend lessons, don’t actually need to sit for the exams as they will automatically, be awarded full As and 1st class degrees.

    But then, the above 2nd paragraph is superfluous because by virtue of the 1st paragraph, their children don’t need to get a job and as such, don’t really need an education because when they grow up, paragraph 1 will apply automatically. What is this pittance of asking for PTPTN to be exempted for Malays ? Go, lah the whole nine yards.

    PERKASA, does this sound good to you ?

    • George Verghese · Top Commenter

      Tan You forgot two things The best cars available in the world for them their wife or wives,their children and possibly even their maids.The best women available in the country to be their wives or girlfriends.
    • Jonathan Chew · Top Commenter · Singapore Management

      Talking about their children, what is to stop us from finding and making them popular? Should we help them feel the pride of having such parents?
    • Jackie Liew · Top Commenter

      Please don’t give them ideas 😉 .
      We have minyak, they think they can be like the Arabs.
  • Lionel Tim · Top Commenter · Sandakan Town, Sabah, Malaysia

    Using the same logic, most taxpayers are non-Malay. This will certainly anger the Malay since they are the majority. Any proposal to stop non-Malay from paying taxes in order to keep the Malays happy?
  • Lim Hun · Top Commenter

    May as well just give Malays everything FREE!

    Malays can now sit back and enjoy everything FREE,
    while the Non-Malays must work very hard,
    till they drop dead and pay for everything,
    including feeding the “very deserving” Malays who are entitled to FREE things!

    • Sun Ray · Top Commenter · Victorian Institution

      Over-night they have change “Boleh Land” to “Free Land”. Yeah. Give everything Free to them but we can still survive. Perhaps it may be a blessing in disguise. We think more positively, we work more skillfully and out smart them easily.
    • Pengtan Peng · Top Commenter · Universidade Feevale

      Sun Ray it’s exactly what we the non malays have been doing all along don’t you think? this Ali Ibrahim and his cronies are just an inferior bunch of DUNGOOS!!! they are trying to create racial disharmony. They wanna be spoon fed and that’s not enough!!!! NOW THEY WANT EVERYTHING TO BE GIVEN FREE!!!! It is NO SURPRISE they are still BACKWARD in their thoughts and actions. Are these the kind of people we are supposed to look up to and respect? NO WAY MAN, NO WAY AT ALL!!!!
  • Lim Hun · Top Commenter

    A super stupid proposal by the most stupid NGOs!
  • Chen Dl · Top Commenter

    Why don’t suggest only Malay students is eligible for 1st class degrees.
  • Barney Muthu · Top Commenter

    “The Memorandum wants the authorities concerned to probe whether private institutions have more lenient marking systems, as part of a “hidden agenda”, to ensure that their students do well.”

    Since the government universities are doing it to help the Malays walk out with a degree this good for nothing low life human thinks the private universities too would do the same. Only morons would think in such a manner. Anyway being a moron why not ask for all things to be free for the Malays. Now, that would satisfy your freeloading incapable puss oozing brain would it not?

  • Derrick Chung · Top Commenter · Kuching, Malaysia

    Please think wisely, this is not a childhood fairy tales statement. If you want to exempted from paying PTPTN then you should struggle hard in your studies. Do not take races as counter part. Might as well everything is free, then how our national going to be success. Isn’t one KATAK enough for Malaysia?? Do they want import more KATAK??

    “Idiotic threaten national harmony”

  • Lim Hun · Top Commenter

    Sarawak, please get out of this “MALAY-infested” land!
  • Stanley TK Ho · Top Commenter · Resident Assistant at Crown College

    The Chinese work n study so hard to get first class degree n get exemption from paying the loan. Why can’t the Malay get first class degree? Both r human born with two hand, legs n mind. So why Malay can’t? Any special reason for it? Law must not be based on race n should be fair n equal. I wonder is the katak nothing to do? Why can’t help the Cameron Highlands victims?
  • Lim Hun · Top Commenter

    Gila punya proposal!
    Will all right-minded Malays with dignity please rise to defend your race?
  • Luis Khoo · Top Commenter

    Ha..ha..ha..ha..ha…ha..haaaa…….haaaaaa! Sakit perut baca comedy nih! Tak boleh taahan ketawa kah..kah..kah!
  • Sukumaran Chandran · Top Commenter · The University of Adelaide

    Most tax payers, EPF contributors are non MALAYS. Yet they want all Malays to be exempted from repaying loan. Is it fair or logical? Why Malays are not getting 1st Class? Can be easily fixed by awarding all Malay students passing out with 1st class Hons. They will then pass the meritocracy test when it comes to employment. Problem solved. Perkasa will be happy & UmnoB can rule forever. Hooray!
  • Derrick Chung · Top Commenter · Kuching, Malaysia

    PLEASE do not spoil the MALAYS reputation with this kind of vulgar statement. Most of the Malays are now capable in their education, please do not use the word “Malay” if it is only subjected to your own “particular KATAK group”.
  • Francis Ng Seng Chee · Works at Network Realty

    as a Malaysian, I am utterly lost for words to describe such narrow mindedness, such greedy, so utterly stupid…..indescribable ~!
  • Chai Min Djau

    Batter to propose Malay need not take exam and automaticaly secure a “First Class Honour” , so they will out number Non- Malay in “First Class Honour”
  • Joseph Tan · Top Commenter

    Clearly we know who is racist,right ? Bet Stupid Steven would want to go sunat for the second time
  • Stanley Teoh · Top Commenter

    This is like what PR has been advocating – FREE EDUCATION !
  • Loh Jane · Top Commenter · BBGS, KL

    Why not suggest to set up A FUND call Malay subsidy fund where all non malays are compulsory to contribute while the malays don’t have to work just a queen bee. All they have to do is to collect their monthly allowance till demise. What more does Perkasa want?
  • Ragie Reddie · Top Commenter · SMK Anderson Ipoh

    Give all Malays free degrees, problems solved!
  • Ishak Majid · Top Commenter

    A bunch of stupid gorilla.
  • Lliew Hk · Top Commenter · St. Michael’s Institution, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

    hai we are all malaysians , all need not pay ptptn loans , except perkasa members kids……….. ok ,,ok,,ok lah……….agreed and passed by all malaysians
  • Henry Por Soon Aik · Top Commenter · Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

    Once again….. Thank You Perkasa….. Your Generosity and Fight…. in making Non Malays no need to pay tax anymore….. Thanks Ibrahim Katak
  • Tan ChikSou · Top Commenter

    Ha! Ha! They will not be happy until they got everything free. What to compete when everything is free?.
  • Jared Han · Works at Trend Design

    NIce….. They should consider exempting non-malay from paying taxes too
  • JvRajoo Rajoo

    Soon malaysia government will bankrupt because of malay.
  • Vasudevan Prabakaran · Top Commenter · Operations Manager at Carnauba autospa city centre sdn bhd

    Freeloaders for life! Makan ditanggung berak tong. All these Malay NGO’s can go and fly kites… Hahahahah
  • Adrian Tan · Top Commenter

    Good that IA is pointing out that very few Malays passed out with 1st class honours despite the over-whelming number of them getting into public universities. Some Malays must have worked hard to earn their 1st class honour & a majority must have got free passes to get in. At least these public u must have maintained a little standard else their degrees will be further cheapened by their already low standard. It is already unfair to the hard working Malays in public universities to be unfortunately lumped with those with free passes through the lowering of standards to accommodate these. And to suggest that private universities & higher institutions of learnings may be likewise lowering standards for their students to get 1st class honours is 1st class stupidity. Perhaps people with quality like IA cannot understand the meaning & importance of enhancing & preserving quality of education. To be fair to the hard working & deserving Malays, they should instead demand the government uphold standard & pull back free passes so that it will force the Malays to increase their own quality & the Melayu will be more sejahtera and the country can progress much faster. People in Perkasa is a hindrance to the progress of Malays & country. I suspect they may not be stupid but so long as they can con the kampung folks of their votes, they are happy to look or sound stupid.
  • Jimmy Ng CHook · Top Commenter

    This is another bunch of ketuanan berok nincoompoos who “makan tahi, berak nasi ” !Everything must be free for their kind !. They forget that another reason why Private Institutions of Higher Learning in this country are thriving despite charging high fees is because the general public has lost faith and confidence in the Public Institutions of Higher Education which has failed miserably in ensuring meritocracy ! They can deny this until the cows come home but for as long as systematic discrimination is practiced here , brain drain will continue from this nation !The saying is true….” Mediocrity breeds yet more mediocrity”.!
  • Yee Tat Ng · Top Commenter · University of Sheffield

    I see that only the feelings of Malay students matter, but of course, the non-Malays especially the Chinese have no feelings because, I don’t know, they are not humans but manufactured in factories as robots?
  • Alan WS Tan · Top Commenter · University of Leeds, UK

    These people are so stupid that they don’t know they are stupid. Anything uttered from their gap is nothing but RUBBISH! I believe Malays who read this will have the same opinion as mine…

KL Malays far behind others in terms of wealth

November 23, 2014

Tengku Adnan says statistics show Malays are far behind other races in terms of ownership rights and businesses in the capital.

Tengku_Adnan_Mansor_300KUALA LUMPUR: The economic divide between the Malays and non-Malays in Kuala Lumpur poses a big challenge for the former, says Federal Territory Umno liaison chairman Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor.

He said statistics showed the Malays were far behind other races, in terms of ownership rights and businesses in the capital.

“The question is, who do we blame? When licences are issued, it is mortgaged or sold,” he said when speaking at the Federal Territory Umno Convention launched by Umno president Najib Razak here today.

Tengku Adnan said about 200 years ago, the Malays owned almost 100 per cent of land in Kuala Lumpur, adding however, that it had dwindled to only 21.7 per cent.

This, he noted, was due to the attitude of the Malays who had either mortgaged or sold their land to other races.

Besides that, the Malays in Kuala Lumpur earned an average income of between RM2,000 and RM3,000 and contributed to the percentage of poor people in the city.

Tengku Adnan, who is also federal territories minister, said home ownership statistics also showed the Malays were lagging behind other races.

“Just imagine, the lowest price of a house in the capital is RM300,000, while the affordability level of Malays in the city is only below RM150,000.

“The statistics of individuals who apply to rent or purchase houses from the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) is more than 42,000, of which 90 per cent are from the Malay community.

“This is the reality which has to be faced by the Malays in Kuala Lumpur, coupled by the high cost of living, which has seen many of them ending up on the streets.

Tengku Adnan, who is also Umno secretary-general, said Umno members in the Federal Territory were playing a role to help ensure the economic divide and hardships faced by the Malays in the city could be resolved.

He said the Federal Territory Umno did not want to see anyone from the Malay race living on the streets and destitute.

“On the contrary, we have a strong determination to take the Malays out of poverty,” he added.



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  • Stanley Teoh · Top Commenter

    UMNO Barua had … NEP … NEM … KETUANAN MELAYU … CONTROL ALL ASPECT OF GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS … CITY HALL … POLICE … ARMY … GRANTS … SCHOLARSHIPS … QUOTA IN EDUCATION AND UNIVERSITIES … HOSPITALS … SPECIAL PRICES FOR PURCHES … and many others … so tell me EXACTLY what happened ? I didn’t steal from the Malays … neither did I rob them of anything . What I have are what I worked hard , saved hard for …
    Today in year 2014, you still have CITY DWELLING MALAYS IN POVERTY ? If so, then their rural kins must be eating thrown away scraps !
    No , Adnan. Your UMNO Bau policies for the Malays FAILED … MISERABLY ! THAT’S REALITY !
    Your BN Govt tried EVERYTHING … until TODAY, IN 2014, … you still claim the Malays are way behind the other races. Either you are truthful … or you are lying …. UNLESS THE MALAYS THAT YOU MENTIONED ARE NOT UMNO BAU’S MEMBERS …
  • Bernard Aw · Top Commenter · SMK Methodist ACS Sitiawan

    Umno government has been robbing the Malays instead of truly helping them, and they help themselves to the cake , and then put the fault on the non-malays who work very hard for a living make difficult by Umno government.
    Umno make lives difficult for everybody except themselves.
    • Daniel Boon · Top Commenter · UCSI University

      The allocation meant for them, taken by crony. In transparency, available wealth of cause lower lah. But, if include those ill-gotten, oversea, investment & etc…,under different names, hmm….far more. How about those missing funds….can it just disappear in thin air? Ask those to pour it out, instead of keeping for generation. And see if balance or not.
      Probably, the balance already there 5 yrs ago. Therefore, issue of balance is no longer valid.
    • Daniel Boon · Top Commenter · UCSI University

      Looking at global nation, not one race but majority Malaysian cannot afford. Question is, our standard of living has not raise yet, but burden with implementation……..how can one afford to buy rising property price.
      All boil down to, poor management of country and economy, And minster are part of it. Denying facts and beating on minor issues only..
  • Jernleng Quek · Top Commenter · Works at Self-Employed

    Read in between the line! Non Malays control more wealth than Melayu in KL. To the minister, this must be addressed! Melayu sell land, also non melayus problem. U r right minister, the one who buy is wrong, n the one who was given n then sells it, is not wrong. Minister got high IQ.
  • Minggu Simon · Top Commenter · Bangkok, Thailand

    There rich Malays and there are poor Chinese too. So dont say all Malays are poor and all Chinese are rich. There is also a group that is a much worse position. Many orang ASLI are poorer.. and they used to own the entire Peninsular 1,000 years ago. If there is a problem, then the one in power should outline a plan to help, the poor that is, not the rich to get richer
  • Sukumaran Chandran · Top Commenter · The University of Adelaide

    We can really see Indonesian & Bangladeshi Muslims are progressing at an alarming speed Abd in no time they will overtake the non Umnoputra malays. Even then they’ll still blame the Chinese.
  • Abora Boran · Top Commenter · Chief Executive Taxi Driver at Self-Employed

    It’s the economic divide between the rich and poor that is of concern, irrespective of race!
  • Chris Loh · UTM Malaysia

    It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.
  • Mugunan Raman · Top Commenter

    An indirect admission that umno has failed our malay brothers miserably! They were the ones holding power since Independence. Of course, the umno leadership together with their cronies, are filthy rich.
  • Low Yin Sen · Top Commenter · University College of Swansea, Wales

    Who sell the land , who approve the transaction ?????? Can we buy arh”””
  • Alexnesan Nesan · Top Commenter · Northwestern University

    What you could not do in fifty years…makes you think you can do it now.
  • Ray Ong · Top Commenter · Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    But not Umno Malays. Period.
  • Simon Low · University of Newcastle, Australia

    If Umno have really look after the Malays since 50 + years would they still be so poor. (As claim) The truth is Umno only look after themselves and their cronies. The Rakyat Melayu Chinese Indian Kadazan Iban ( MALAYSIAN ) are not their priority. B N culture of corruption.
  • Aries Lim · Top Commenter · Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Where is the statistic? I only know that I see many rich peoples of all races and also too many poor peoples again of all races. As evidence in the soup kitchen photograph, many eating there are Chinese. No wonder we are not supporting BN.
  • Richie Senior · Top Commenter

    Tuan Adnan, Perkasa & ISMA should be able to give you the answers. Or ask our longest serving prime minister Tun Mahathir.
  • Roger Ksm · Top Commenter

    Sure lo. How to compare when a lot of people’s money cannot see the lights.
  • Smile So · Top Commenter · University of Malaya

    In Kuala Lumpur, all Malays except UMNO menteris and cronies, are the losers to the Chinese. Why? Because there is no change of government or leadership for the past 50 years. What we really need is a good government with a good opposition. Thus no government leader will govern this beautiful country for granted like his old grandfather’s private country.
  • Jawa Tiga Suku · Top Commenter · Kampong Jawa, Selangor, Malaysia

    Perhaps this Adnan fella should share with the ordinary Malays the secret to becoming wealthy like himself, his fellow UMNO politicians, their familes and friends who are billionaires and millionaires.
  • CJ Savvy · Top Commenter · Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

    The blame goes to you, Adnan Mansor, and your party! You are, instead, conveniently blaming the Malays themselves. If you are not careful, all the land will eventually go to non-Malays. And I don’t mean Chinese and Indians.
  • Stanley TK Ho · Top Commenter · Resident Assistant at Crown College

    The issue of talking Malay r far behind have been on for quite sometime. So what is the root cause? Why never talk about other races? Is it other races is not citizen of Malaysia?
  • John Chan · Brickfields Asia College (BAC)

    ”Umno did not want to see anyone from the Malay race living on the streets and destitute.” So.. how about other Malaysians?

🚇 Who is a MAN❓

❗A man is the most responsible part of God’s creation who starts compromising from his very tender age by giving, giving , giving and hardly take.

❗He sacrifices his chocolates.. for his sister.

❗He sacrifices his dreams ..for just a smile on his parents face.

❗He spends his entire pocket money💰 on buyng gifts💝 for the lady .. he loves.. just to see her smiling

❗He sacrifices his full youth for his wife and children.. by working late at night without any complain.

❗He builds ..their future by taking loans from banks and repaying them for lifetime.

❗He struggles a lot and still has to bear scolding from his mother, wife and boss.

❗His wife use him to secure the future of her children and hers.

❗His life finally ends up only by compromising for others’ happiness.🌺

If he raises hands on a woman, then he’s cruel.

If he gets hit by a woman, then he’s a sissy.

If he picks up a fight seeing his girl with another guy, then he’s jealous and insecure.

If he remains silent, then he’s a coward.

If he goes out, then he’s careless.

If he stays at home, then he’s lazy.

If he scolds children, then he’s a monster.

If he doesn’t scold, then he’s an irresponsible guy.

If he stops wife from working, then he’s an insecure guy.

If he doesn’t stop wife from working, then he’s somebody who lives on wife’s earnings.

If he listens to mom, then he’s mama’s boy.

If he listens to wife, he’s wife’s slave.

💎Respect every male in your life. You will never know what he has sacrificed for you.

Subject: Lee Kwan Yew’s remarks on Malaysia

M’sia willing to lose talent so that Malays can be dominant – Kuan Yew

Malaysia is prepared to lose its talent through its race-based policies in order to maintain the dominance of one race, said Lee Kuan Yew in his new book which was launched recently in Singapore.

And although Malaysia has acknowledged the fact that they are losing these talents and is making an attempt to lure Malaysians back from overseas, such efforts may be too little too late, he said.

“This is putting the country at a disadvantage. It is voluntarily shrinking the talent pool needed to build the kind of society that makes use of talent from all races.

They are prepared to lose that talent in order to maintain the dominance of one race,” he said in the 400-page book called “One Man’s View of the World”.

It features conversations between Lee and his long-time admirer, Helmut Schmidt, former leader of West Germany. They discussed world affairs when Schmidt visited Singapore last year.
In the book, Lee pointed out that Malaysia is losing ground and giving other countries a head start in the external competition.

About 400,000 of some one million Malaysians overseas are in Singapore, according to the World Bank.

When announcing the five-year plan for Malaysia, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said in Parliament in 2011, the government would set up a talent corporation to lure some 700,000 Malaysians working abroad back to the country.

But in his book, Lee said the demographic changes in Malaysia will lead to a further entrenchment of Malay privileges.

He noted that in the last 10 years, since the enactment of the New Economic Policy, the proportion of Malaysian Chinese and Indians of the total population has fallen dramatically.

“The Chinese made up 35.6 percent of the population in 1970. They were down to 24.6 percent at the last census in 2010. Over that same period, the Indian numbers fell from 10.8 percent to 7.3 percent,” he said.

He added, “40 percent of our migrants are from Malaysia.
“Those with the means to do so leave for countries farther afield. In the early days, Taiwan was a popular destination among the Chinese-educated.
“In recent years, Malaysian Chinese and Indians have been settling in Europe, America and Australia. Some have done very well for themselves, such as Penny Wong, Australiaâ€s current finance minister.
“Among those who have chosen to remain in Malaysia, some lack the means to leave and others are making a good living through business despite the discriminatory policies. Many in this latter class partner with Malays who have connections.”

World Bank data for 2012 showed that the island republic has raced ahead of its neighbour, with gross domestic product per capita of US$51,709 compared with Malaysiaâ€s US$10,381.
Najib had said Malaysia is set to become a high income developed nation as early as 2018, two years earlier than the targeted 2020.
Lee said in his book the separation of Singapore and Malaysia in 1965 marked “the end of a different vision in Malaysia on the race issue”.
He added, “Much of what has been achieved in Singapore could have been replicated throughout Malaysia. Both countries would have been better off.”

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Just imagine the exponential power of disseminating news in this manner. If one person sends out this message to 10 of his contacts and each of the 10 contacts in turn repeats this process of spreading the word around, by the 7th level, 1 million readers would have received the same message. This is a good deed that all right thinking Malaysians MUST do. It is our duty to save our nation.

This is one simple & powerful way where we can spread the message to the rakyat to bring about a change for a better govt. Yes

we can do it. We owe it to ourselves and to our children and the


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