Joke of the year!

The story :

Big boo-boo as electrical appliances given to homeless

 | January 7, 2015
 Federal Territories Ministry show they know very little about what the homeless need most.
And the joke is:
  • Luis Khoo · Top Commenter

    First, the ministry need to gv away electrical appliances such coffee machine so that they can bill the ministry rm500 each ( real purchase price rm125). Second, knowing that the homeless dnt need it, there will be a special counter buying back those coffee machine at rm30 each. Third, the same coffee machine then will be kept in ministry warehouse for other function giveaway gift and again invoice the ministry rm500 each and it goes on and on and on…………!
  • Kamaruddin Osman · Top Commenter · University of Malaya

    Hehehe , it’s rocket science. Hehehe . Give them coffee powder next year , so they can drink coffee the following year. Hehe
  • Richard Li · Top Commenter · INTI College Subang Jaya

    do you rakyat and ngo know why coffee maker was given as gift? this is corruption at its best. check the purchase price of the coffee maker. disclose the price and counter check with any electrical stores and you will arrive with the solution. the staffs of ft ministry and the supplier are acting in cahoots to milk the government. this tengku adnan is bump head. this is the standard of the umno/bn government.
  • Jimmy Lim · Top Commenter · Tsun jin

    I remember my Kertas Am teacher told me back in mid 80s, that kampung folks were given refrigerators when there was no electricity supply to kampung. So the kampung folks keeps clothes in the refrigerators and use them as cabinets.

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