Spread Tamil Through Online

Spread Tamil Through Online

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Today’s youth is moving slowly towards WhatsApp application from Facebook. Each and every youth now having a palm size computer which is commonly called as smart phones. The smartphones are outdoing previous generations’ computers. Those who used desktops and laptops are keen to smart phones now. However, no one can deny that, the time of youths spending time on the internet is growing regardless of the gadgets they use.

Gone the days where the internet users used it to gather information. Many using internet to share information. There is a lot of information available in multiple languages including Tamil. The category of information is vary from entertainment, general knowledge, new information and others. While many share the information via FaceBook and WhatsApp, day after day, spending some time to publish a new article in Wikipedia will help to increase the number of Tamil articles in Wikipedia. At the moment there are 64,749 Tamil articles in Wikipedia. In English the number surpasses 4 million, Chinese language over 500,000 and Malay language has more than 200,000 articles.

While Tamil has been recognised as one of the ancient languages, the number of articles in Tamil is in sad stage compared to the languages listed above. Those who spends time writing and writing and writing in social media, can try to spend a few minutes a day in Wikipedia, By doing this, the number of Tamil articles will increase in Wikipedia. We hope that, the keyboard warriors can contribute to the development of Tamil language in Internet.



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